Getting a prediabetes or diabetes diagnosis can be incredibly scary.

For many, it feels as though you’ve been saddled with a disease that is going to control you for the rest of your life. As though you have no choice but to go down the road of endless prescriptions, finger pricks, carb counting and all of the potential “worst case scenarios” staring you in the face.

Your doctors tell you that you have to “give up” pretty much all of the foods you enjoy, and start exercising (which if that isn’t a passion of yours, can sound like a tremendous amount of work).

 It feels like you’ve been put in a cart and pushed down a hill with no control and no ability to look back.

Well, I’m here to tell you that your diabetes diagnosis does NOT need to be a death sentence for all things fun. 

You can still have food adventures.
You won’t always need to be pricking your fingers.
It may be possible for you manage your blood sugar without medication.
Change does not have to feel hard.

The journey before you is not about what needs to be eliminated from your life, but what modifications or even additions you can make so you can feel well.

I work with my clients to create custom change plans based on their unique body-type, tastes, and lifestyle (among other things). I look at the whole picture and together we create a plan that you can feel GOOD about and is in alignment with your lifestyle and your style of making a change.

My clients are often able to reverse their diagnosis without medication and get to a place where they feel even more healthy and vibrant than ever before.

If you’re looking for an ally and mentor that will help you get off the diabetes train – then let’s talk.

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